Hasim Celik (Turkey)

HasimCelicIn his K44, -75 kg match against Boris Chepurenkov at the 5th WTF World Para-taekwondo Championships in Moscow, Russia, the 23-year-old Turk adopted a wide stance, weight forward, stalking his opponent. Switching feet fluently, he controlled the distance, firing fluid round kicks off both forward and back legs, varied with a front pushing kick.

Sakinat Magomedova (Dagestan Republic)

Sakinat MagomedovaSakinat Magomedova was born without hands. However she learned how to do regular housework. Now she grows up two children.

Zagir Islamdibirov (Dagestan Republic)

ZagirIslamdibirovIn spite the fact that Zagir Islamdibirov has no left hand since his childhood, he has become an honorary master of sport taekwondo.

Mikael Sairanen (Finland). Para Taekwondo Athletes Interview

Mikael Sairanen (Finland). Para Taekwondo Athletes InterviewMikael Sairanen (Finland). Para Taekwondo Athletes Interview

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